Discover Eliq’s New Smart Functions

Time is flying these days but we have not been idle! Indeed, since February, our development team has implemented many new and exciting smart functions into the Eliq mobile application.

First of all, because your opinion matters to us, we are always willing to listen to your needs and to try to develop the related functions into our app. Thus, the first update that we have made this spring was widely requested: push notifications. You now have the possibility to set up alerts in case your consumption reaches abnormal levels by creating monitors and to receive push notifications on your mobile phone. In this way, you will not have to check your emails to know whether everything is fine but will be immediately informed about any irregularity. Moreover, you can now follow your communication with Eliq into our new conversation feed. It enables you to keep track of all the important events and messages related to your energy consumption – alerts included (see below).
We have also improved the way you can track and monitor your electrical usage with our new “watch” design that allows you to visualize your consumption during the last 12 hours in an easy way. Beside this, it is also possible to get an idea of what kind of appliances consume the most energy in your home and the share of heating and stand-by consumption thanks to our new distribution graph (see below).
Finally, another function that we have recently integrated is the possibility to compare your consumption to similar household but also to engage in exciting consumption challenges with your neighbors! In this way, rather than getting absolute numbers which are more complex to interpret on their own, you can now compare your different consumption values to those of similar households.