LifeSmart. The perfect start to Home Automation!

LifeSmart is a global brand with proven expertise in both IoT and smart home products. Our devices learn the best ways of connecting and sharing information by combining IoT with artificial intelligence. Each product integrates with the LifeSmart app. This allows unprecedented control at the touch of a button on your smartphone. For a complete lighting and electricity solution consider the BLEND Light Bulbs, BLEND Light Strip, and the ELIQ® Electricity Sensor.


The BLEND Light Bulb is a standard bulb with either a bayonet or EDISON screw fitting, while the Blend Light Strip is a 2-metre LED strip which the user can cut shorter to meet specific needs. You can set these lights to shine in combinations of up to 16 million colours directly from the app. Scheduling is also possible through the app to turn the lights on or off automatically at a certain time of day.


Control over your electricity usage has also never been easier. Thanks to the LifeSmart ELIQ® Electricity meter, you can now monitor your real-time energy consumption, compare your results with similar households, and get a concrete idea of what your next energy bill will look like. All of this and much more is made possible by the combination of both ELIQ® energy-saving and LifeSmart apps.



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