Syntech and LifeSmart Partnership

World leading IoT company LifeSmart has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Syntech, a cutting edge technology company in South Africa, with both parties fully committed to expanding AI and IoT development in Africa.


Global information technology spending will reach $3.7 trillion in 2018, up 4.5 percent from 2017, as Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and block chain drive growth, according to Gartner. By 2020, IoT technology will be in 95% of electronics for new product designs. Gartner predicts IoT-enabled products with smartphone activation emerging at the beginning of 2019. LifeSmart is a leading IoT company focusing on the Global Smart Home Market, providing you and your family with a safe, comfortable and creative home. LifeSmart is committed to combining the digital world with our physical world and allowing them to communicate with one another. LifeSmart is the leader in IoT with 3 aspects: sensor technology, data transfer and AI technology.


Firstly, let’s imagine all things a Smart Home can be aware of: it can be aware of the presence of the people who live in the house; it can be aware of what they’re doing; it can even be aware of what every device in the house is doing. If you want the house to think like a human, the house needs to be able to analyse the data a human would analyse before making a decision. With the sensor technology on LifeSmart sensors, the room temperature, humidity, luminance, vibration or even noise is accurately picked up by the sensors and adjusted to your lifestyle needs.


Secondly, the data gathered will be transmitted to LifeSmart’s cloud services, integrated and processed for the gathering of reliable and useful information. That’s because there is some level of intelligence in the cloud that’s watching over you and trying to simplify your life.The open communication platform which LifeSmart has designed is compatible with a variety of communication protocols which contributes to exploring endless possibilities of what IoT can do. Think of Artificial Intelligence as a computing power that is able to perform particularly complex tasks that would otherwise require a human brain to perform.


A motion sensor might trigger a light to turn on, but if your home had Artificial Intelligence, it might consider the time of day, the person walking around the home, and where she was walking in deciding which light to turn on and how long to keep it on for. Last but not least, LifeSmart provides mature AI solutions to enable smart devices to learn and evolve, in order to carry out better choices for every user and meet their specialized commands to make their life easier and smarter.


The distributed structure system of LifeSmart guarantees AI works seamlessly on devices and cloud services. LifeSmart’s AI Builder, is a powerful coding tool, which combines all sensors and other element blocks, helps users create and edit their own customized smart scenes and triggers a simple graphic layout, instead of traditional text input coding that requires expertise knowledge.


User experience and value are a LifeSmart priority. Every LifeSmart product is aimed at meeting users’ needs, with stylish looks and excellent performance.


Let’s look at the Security aspect of when you leave your home. Have you switched your lights off? Will lights turn on automatically as if someone is home? With LifeSmart AI you don’t have to think about this, because the system knows whether someone is there or not. It knows to lock the door behind you, to turn off the lights, to pull the blinds, to reduce the heat, to turn off the music, and then to turn the lights on again when it is dark. You are represented by a persona to the smart home that you partially configured and that the house has partially developed on you, based upon patterns it was able to recognize through sensors and cameras. This is Artificial Intelligence in the cloud at work in your home.


This exciting and strategic relationship between LifeSmart and Syntech will no doubt revolutionize the Smart Home Industry and offer consumers the opportunity of experiencing a safe, comfortable and low consuming lifestyle with LifeSmart.