Wireless Camera 1080P

Wireless Camera 1080P

The LifeSmart’s Smart Home Wi-Fi Camera lets you keep tab on what’s happening in and around your home via the LifeSmart App – anytime, anywhere. Simply view the live stream on your mobile device. Keep an eye on family members, pets or the office 24 hours a day. LifeSmart’s simple camera configuration procedure makes it incredibly easy to set up, and with a wide array of programmable options, it will perform the way you need it.




270° Rotation

Rotate freely around two axes, with a horizontal 270-degree and vertically 120-degree rotation. With ultra-wide vision, you will know what is going on in your home.


The LifeSmart Wireless Camera can capture a moment and send it directly to your mobile device.

Voice Intercom

The LifeSmart Wireless Camera has a build-in microphone and speaker with a noise reduction algorithm. Communicate directly with your home through your mobile device.

Night Vision

With its 9 infrared LED, our wireless camera can now detect and record any motion in your accomodation even on a pitch-dark night and without any source of light. Moreover, you can program it via the LifeSmart app to receive an alert message on your smartphone, should someone enter your flat or house.


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